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AE courses from ULearn in Dublin ensure you are comprehensively prepared to sit CAE exams.Our exam classes offer an important means of assessing and recognizing your progress as a student of English. The set of Cambridge and TIE exams offered here prepare you in the best way by using past papers, examples, and drawing on our teaching and assessment to ensure you are well positioned to pass the exam of your choice.

Why Choose a CAE Course in Dublin with ULearn?

The demand for high-level English language skills is increasing all around the world. Enrolling in our CAE courses in Dublin and passing CAE exams shows you are a high achiever. Here are some of the benefits of CAE certification:

  • Accepted globally as proof of high achievement.
  • More than 5,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world accept CAE as proof of high-level achievement.

  • A certificate with endless opportunities.
  • Helps you develop the language skills you need for success, and can be used for your university and student visa applications in the UK and Australia.

  • It provides high-level English skills for academic and professional success.
  • Preparing for CAE courses helps learners develop the skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.

CAE English Courses Available for the Academic Year

Our CAE courses are ongoing and you can join for a term at any time during the academic year. If you like you can sit ULearn's Free Online Level Test. From this we can evaluate your current level and we can then start to advise you whether your level is sufficient to sit the IELTS exam or if another official examination would be more suitable. We are now enrolling for the for all ESOL exams including First Certificate (FCE), Cambridge Advanced(CAE), and IELTS. If you want to see options for English courses for more external exams on the main page for English courses for exams preparation. Click here to view that page.

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